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♫60s Garage Girl Band (pt. 8) (Video)♫

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Not For Me 1.She/Hairem 2.She 3.She 4.She Rhymes 5.Nursery 6.Plommons 7.Le Farfalle 8.I Bittersweets 9.The Beat-Chics 10.L Debuttanti 11.The Debuttanti 12.Le beat-Chics 13.Daughters di Eva 14.L 'Dandy ragazze 15.Charisma 16.She Trinity 17.She Trinity 18.The Continental Co-Ets 19.The Farfalle 20.Eva Håkansson, Plommons 21.Eva Kroon, Plommons 22.The Farfalle Farfalle 23.The 24.The Cimmats 25.The Debuttanti 26.Vicki e il resto Suore 27.Clinger 28.The Debutantes 29.Las Akelas 30.The Debutantes 31.Les Snobs Seekers 32.Pleasure 33.Jan McClellan, Le Debuttanti 34.Sally e The Alley Cats 35.The Farfalle 36.The Continental Co-Ets 37.The Debuttanti 38.The Dandy ragazze 39.The Dandy ragazze 40.The Debuttanti 41.The Feebeez 42.Goldie & The Pan pepato 43.Feminine complessi 44.Feminine complessi 45.Feminine complessi 46.Feminine complessi 47.Feminine complessi 48.Feminine complessi 49.Plommons 50.The Coccinelle 51.The mod 4 52.The Perni 53.The Liverbirds

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